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"The Weekly Word"


February 17, 2020 Edition


Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

When worship was canceled on Jan. 19, my week was ruined. I look forward to worshiping very much with the community and joining with believers in word and song. And now, I wasn’t going to have that opportunity. Well my brother was with me that day, and we were able, because of some great help by one individual, to go out to Madison Avenue Church of the Brethren, the church where I had grown up. We were able to share in worship with them. They even allowed me the joy of singing with their praise team. 

It’s as if God showed me, Brandon, you really had nothing to fear. And I realized amidst disappointment, God can make good out of even our small, little quibbles, our complaints. What a joy it was to unexpectedly reconnect with friends from the past, worship with our mother, and be able to experience worship in a way where I wasn’t leading anything, simply participating. I had so many reasons to give thanks indeed! 

Friends, even when things don’t go as planned, God is there somehow. When we feel great and when we don’t, he’s watching. When we are completely with it, or we’re seeming to fall completely apart, he’s watching. 

So are we giving thanks for God’s presence even if we don’t understand how he’s there or working in our lives right now? Are we always ready for God to use us, even when maybe we don’t feel like it to bless someone? Are we ready, even when we’re tired on any level, for God to somehow reinvigorate us? Maybe it’s through a phone call, an encouraging word, a friend, a family member, a person from somewhere offering you hope. Are you ready to give thanks to God for all of it? 

Dear friend, it’s not a question of how or if God will work, it’s up to us to rejoice when it happens. My prayer this week is we give thanks not only for where God has us, but what he will do with us to move us through the bad times and make the good last. My prayer also is we allow God to help us make other people’s worlds brighter so together, we can give thanks. And if we all do that, maybe our circumstances won’t be defining so much who we are and how we act. For God, no circumstance is too great. So for us, nothing should be beyond us humbling ourselves before God and truly giving thanks, remembering somehow through it all, he is always with us. 

To God be Glory and thanks forever!

Pastor Brandon  

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