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"The Weekly Word"


July 22nd Edition


He has shown you, oh mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8 

As I was recently in Greensboro at Annual Conference and this verse was used quite a bit, I couldn’t help thinking what a powerful verse to focus on in our own church life. I mean, the Prophet reminds us the recipe for living, no matter who we are. 

Notice, there is no condition for acting correctly, for loving mercy, and for walking humbly. Everyone can, no everyone is supposed to do it. In fact, the only description in the entire verse which is given to describe humans is, mortals. Last time I checked, that’s everyone. 

So, I wonder, how can we live right, love mercy, and walk humbly in all situations? How can we do it when we’re facing real challenges like dealing with job, home or family loss? How can we do it when parents are aging and they’re not how we once knew them? How can we do so when we’re frustrated with our own weaknesses or inabilities? And, how can we do it when we see problems which just aren’t gonna get any better, and still work in the midst of them. 

The Lord requires us to live as Christians every day, with everyone, at every moment, no exceptions, no excuses, no outs! But that should not be a despair, it should be a joy! I mean, it’s not as if God’s standing over us making us do something. There’s free will. But through it all, he’s with us. 

So, think about this, even when you make the wrong decision, even when you snap, even when things don’t go your way, you’re still required to do good as much as possible: acting right, loving mercy, and walking humbly. When you experience in justice or unfairness, the requirement remains. When you’re upset or down, the requirement remains. And when others think you’re weird for not fighting back, the requirement remains. 

As the church, we are drawn to remember, the requirement remains in our hospitality and practicality alike, organizationally and spiritually, socially and evangelistically. Our focus should be on Jesus Christ alone, not a community focused on priorities which will derail us from our walk and mission with Jesus. 

So, friends in life stages and at any age, let us remember, our requirements are there. Let’s act right, love mercy, walk humbly. Let’s make this world better, allowing God to be revealed in the way we focus on him. Let’s require no more of ourselves, than God requires. Let’s serve him, and everything else, no doubt will take care of itself as we do his work and share his love! To God be the glory! 

Pastor Brandon


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