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"The Weekly Word"


January 20, 2020 Edition



Thanks be To God; he gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 

1Corinthians 15:57 

         Thanks is something I always say. People get on me sometimes, especially my family. You don’t have to say thanks Brandon. And I’m also sorry a lot, people tell me I’m the sorriest person. It makes me smile even now thinking about it. 

         And while I certainly can see people’s point. I wonder, I work so hard on communicating with others in telling them what I think, and I sincerely benefit from those communications. But do I do the same with God. Do I thank him, express my sorrow to him, rejoice with him, pray to him, look to him, cry to him, admire him, and most of all do I believe in him? 

         Now some of those are easier to answer than others. But really friends, life is a physical, an emotional and spiritual roller coaster of ups and downs, appreciations and disappointments, accomplishments and failures. And still there’s God with us through it all giving us the victory of Christ. The victory? We win something. Yes, in this world of winning, having to win not lose. In this world of if you don’t win, you’re a loser. Well in God because of Christ there aren’t any losers. 

         In my mind, because of all that. Why shouldn’t we be thankful, shouldn’t we confess our short comings. It’s okay, all of us have them. God doesn’t care if you make mistakes. He just doesn’t want you or any of us to be consumed by them or think you’re not worthy of forgiveness and his love. 

So my prayer this week. Enjoy winning. Win when you love, win when you give thanks, win when you confess your mistakes, and win when you rise above those mistakes and not do them again to the best of your ability. And enjoy winning, as you receive the power and presence of Jesus filling your life. Maybe it’ll happen through a call from a friend, and interaction with a stranger, or even in an ordinary thing you must do where suddenly you recognize a need for help. 

         How ever you enjoy winning dear friends, always know God’s with you, will never let you down, and has given you a victory no one and nothing else can ever defeat or take away. Enjoy winning for and with Jesus! And if you do, who knows, you might look at life in an entirely new light. So by God’s grace, be willing to play the game of life, and really believe at the end, you’ll never lose, you’ll always win! To God be the glory in Jesus name. 

Pastor Brandon            


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