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RENEW our Spirit

Goal: Spark and revive spiritual vitality to deepen relationships with God and one another.

Focus Area: Bible Study Ministry
The early Brethren formed around understanding and applying scripture to their daily lives. We want to create more opportunities to use and study the Bible in worship, small groups, personal devotions and other ways to increase our familiarity of scripture, integrate it into our lives, and seek fresh insight into how the Word of God continues to speak to us individually and as the body of Christ.

Objective: To develop greater familiarity, understanding and engagement of scripture.

Focus Area: Prayer Ministry
We are a congregation that prays! To build on this strength, we want to explore ideas like prayer groups and prayer partners, expanding our prayer chain, and holding prayer services. Strengthening relationships through visitation is a key element in our prayer life and we hope to enlarge our network of visitors. Our encouragement card ministry shows the value of extending our prayer beyond the congregation.

Objective: To deepen and enhance our prayer life in order to connect with God and one another more intimately and intentionally.

Come as you are. Experience God's love. Go out like Christ.

 Black Rock Church of the Brethren
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