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REACH our Children

Goal: Promote spiritual nurture and development of families with children and youth.

Focus Area: Children and youth in worship
We see how our children and youth are enriched when they are actively involved in worship through participation in praise choir, bells, Youth Sunday, Palm Sunday processional, Christmas program, special music, etc. We also see how the congregation is enriched by the gifts children and youth bring to worship. We want to build on this and be intentional in sharing the life of the congregation with children and youth by involving them more fully in worship.

Objective: To share the life of our congregation with children and youth by regularly and intentionally involving them in worship in ways that are meaningful and purposeful.

Focus Area: Family support and involvement
We recognize the importance of providing nurture and support to families, and that our ministry to children requires the involvement of families. As we work to address this area, we are asking questions like: How can we provide opportunities for support and fellowship for families within the church as well as our communities? What can we do to encourage and nurture families?

Objective: To hold regularly scheduled family nights for the purpose of creating an environment where children, youth, and their families experience the love of God through the relationships they build with one another and our larger church family.

Come as you are. Experience God's love. Go out like Christ.

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