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Guest Speaker, Ben Foley - Sunday, July 29 at 6:30pm

Did you ever wonder what it looks like today when God asks, "Who will I send?" and someone answers, "Here am I, send me." Ben Foley is a perfect example. He leads the independent Christian organization, Serve Now, which has been bringing people to Christ and providing humanitarian assist (to mainly children and widows). The organization has been working for only five years, and yet they have started 50 indigenous churches with approximately 3,000 converts from India, Uganda, Ukraine, and Nepal.

It will be an uplifting and exciting evening to hear what God is doing in the world to save and minister to His children. There will be opportunities to join mission trips and VBS camps. All are invited to come and there will be an altar call. 

Come as you are. Experience God's love. Go out like Christ.

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